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The Picture a Day is up.

Adam is stressed and unhappy tonight, which has in turn rubbed off on me, making me stressed and unhappy on his behalf, and on mine to a different degree. He was lead to believe something (ie. told almost outright) would happen, and now it hasn’t. He’s really frustrated and annoyed with the whole situation, and feeling completely betrayed. These situations tend to make him pretty down, and I’m generally outraged by anything that isn’t fair.

In that way, I’m not a real socialist.

If you believe in Joy, it’s because of Sadness.


The way things stand right now, I can’t see myself getting a new computer of the calibre that I require until perhaps the end of Summer at the earliest, and that’s taking a hopeful outlook. This is based on a schedule to get our credit cards and other debts paid off as much as possible before we can save for anything new.

In order to consider potentially getting one sooner, I need to have an additional source of income. I haven’t got any belongings worth enough to sell that I’d be willing to part with, which leaves me with selling things that I create. In my case that means photo prints and Eventide once it’s published, and maybe jewelry or something if I actually got more into making that. I don’t exactly expect to make much money off of either of these things, but every little bit helps.

So now I have to figure out which photos people might be interested in purchasing. Any thoughts from the peanut gallery?


Picture a day is up, as well as some photos from our walk in the rain this afternoon in the Photo journal.

In the meantime, I’m going to go watch Lilo & Stitch on TV.


It looked like it wasn’t going to rain too much today, at least not too heavily, so we braved the outdoors and went for a walk on the Ambleside Seawall with Ben & Joanna. It started to rain lightly, but that was okay. Once we turned back to walk towards the car again, it began to pour. By the time we made it to the car I was soaked from the waist down, basically – fortunately my down vest is waterproof. My arms didn’t get too wet either, I guess the fleece is pretty good against the deluge.

At any rate, we’re now home and I’m starting to dry off with a warm cup of Ceylon Maple tea.

The bedroom, where I now have my computer set up, is rather dim. I require a lighting solution. A desk lamp would be ideal, but lacking that I may just hang the ikea paper globe from the ceiling. All I need now is some ceiling hooks, but I’m unwilling to venture out into the rain to get some at this juncture. Perhaps I should anyway.


Oh yeah, the Picture a day is up now. I’m getting a bit groggy.

Planning to work on my website over the next week. I’ll find some time for that post-biking. I’ve also been thinking about sitting down with the guitar and possibly even writing something. We shall see how that goes. I really just want to be doing music again. I’m starting to miss it. This whole having no audience thing sucks. Perhaps if I write some stuff and do some recording (if I can convince Adam to do that part, since his computer is the one that does all the recording and I’ve forgotten almost everything I learned back in college about digital multi-tracking,) then maybe I’ll get back into it more.

So much to do. I love it.

On the Picture a Day project

I enabled voting for the Picture a Day project – now visitors can rate each picture from meh to excellent. I have yet to take a picture today, just wasn’t inspired most of the day (not that I usually feel particularly inspired) since we spent part of the day cleaning, then out for a few hours running errands and grabbing lunch and stuff.

I should really look for something to photograph.

Now that I have a hard drive with a reasonable amount of storage I’m on a music rampage. Huzzah, I’ve missed music so much.


I’ve uploaded yesterday’s Picture a Day – didn’t do it last night because we had company over; Chris & Chantal and Tara came by and Adam made a fantastic mango chicken cashew stir-fry. It was uber-good.

I have resigned myself to the fact that, because I will not buy a cheap-ass computer that won’t last long enough, I will have to wait for said computer for a very long time. Hopefully by the end of summer I might be able to buy one, although all things considered I somewhat doubt it. You never know, though – things could change. I have to stop window shopping around, though, it’s getting painful. Now that I’m back on my own computer, having given Chris back his laptop that I was borrowing, I’m really feeling how painfully slow it is – even trying to edit photos through the network is brutal. Granted, that’s because I have a b-card and I’ve gotten used to a g-card, but whatever. Frustrating.

No wait, it’s not frustrating, it’s a lesson in patience.

God I hate phrases like that. So condescending.

I’m rather bitchy today.