Picture A Day and a home

The Picture a day for yesterday and today are both now up.

Just be glad it’s not more pictures of the cats.

Tonight we went to look at an apartment and took it. We’re having some issues getting out of our old place which may mean we have to pay rent on two places in the month of January, which sucks massively, but this place is just perfect and in a great spot. It couldn’t be simple, though. Oh no.

In other news, work has been painfully boring. I decorated the tree there yesterday, and it looks great. Everyone likes it and compliments me on a job well done. I spent a few hours doing it. That’s how boring work is at the moment. I tried some make-work projects, but ran out of ideas. It is no fun.

I must start work editing the nanowrimo novel so I can publish it through lulu.com.

I still have that cold – all sneezy and fuzzy headed, and I can’t shake this sore throat, but I am better than I was.