Picture a Day

I spent much of this evening sitting on the couch with Adam watching Serving Sara. Romantic comedy whatever. I also started crocheting a new hat, which is now featured in today’s picture a day. It’s unfortunate, however, that we broke the light in the living room – I have discovered that crocheting in dim light leads to sore eyes.

Work today was quite dull, most people had the day off or called in sick or just left a bit early. I somehow managed to leave fifteen minutes late, which has only happened once before ever. I mostly just wanted to make sure the holiday voicemail was on and working, and then I had to keep re-recording the message because I kept forgetting the days the office would be closed… silliness, really. However, I couldn’t leave without it being just right.

I’m so happy to have tomorrow off, I think I’ll make a stew or soup or something and perhaps cookies and bread. Much of which Adam isn’t allowed to eat. Good thing spadoink and uniqueunorque are coming by tomorrow evening, they can partake of whatever baked goods I manage to create. Anyone else want to drop by? We’re having Egg Nog…. 🙂