My letter

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I no longer live in sin, as I am now married. I have also spent a lot of time working at bettering myself as a human being, and I’ve really done my best not to kill Dayle. You’ve met Dayle, so I know you understand what a challenge this has truly been. I promise to leave you out milk and cookies on Christmas Eve, even though we haven’t put up a tree because all of my ornaments and decorations are in storage back in Ontario. I want to thank you now for sending me an elf to assist me with Adam’s Christmas present – I am eternally grateful.

And now on to the other part, where I tell you what I want for Christmas. I believe I have already mentioned that what I really want for Christmas is all of my stuff that’s in storage back in Ontario, but I think that’s what I asked for last year, so chances are you just don’t have time to pick it all up on the sleigh and bring it here for me. That’s all right, I will take care of that myself, hopefully in February when we can start to recover from December. Otherwise, however, you can bring me anything off my wishlist, although that’s not necessary either. Just let me make it all the way to Pitt Meadows and home on Christmas morning with Huffy and my husband both in good health… that’s all I really want right now.

Thanks for everything,