The Weekend so Far: Foodstuff, Hiking and hospitals

Friday night: Came home with Crystal from work, stopped at the grocery store and got the stuff for Adam to make an awesome coconut beef & sweet potatoes stir-fry for dinner, which was had with Crystal & Tara. Stayed up until 3:30 in the morning chatting with them.

Saturday: Slept until 10:30, got up and had breakfast then relaxed a bit. Tara & Crystal both came by and we decided to go for a short hike up by Capilano Canyon and the fish hatchery in the fog (photos to follow.) Crystal dropped us off at Adam’s & my place, then Tara, Adam and I went to the mall where I picked up some new clothes for work (they forgot to take the dye tag off a jacket I got, bastids,) and we picked up a couple of games for the PS2 (Dragon Quest VIII and SSX On Tour.) We then had dinner, which was good.

Next we took Adam to the emergency room at the hospital because he was having new exciting pain in his abdominal area – he’d actually been having it since Friday afternoon, but was hoping it would get better. It got worse instead. Worried that it was his Appendix, off we trooped to Good Ole’ Lion’s Gate Hospital Emergency. The place feels like a second home now.

They should probably renamed Lion’s Gate Hospital the North Vancouver Snowboarders and Mountain Bikers Memorial Hospital. I think I saw at least three snowboarders plus all their friends (in total maybe 15 of them) in emergency last night, plus one mountain biker and her group of 8 friends.

So anyhow, the doctor last night was very nice. He also admitted that they can’t figure out what is wrong with Adam, but it’s definitely something. He told us to come back in Sunday morning for an ultrasound. We got home around 11:30 pm after logging another 4 hours at Emergency, and Tara and I watched Adam play a bit of Dragon Quest VIII.

Sunday: Woke up early for a Sunday and caught a bus up to the hospital for the ultrasound. The whole process this morning took only about an hour – I got to watch the ultrasound technician give Adam his ultrasound. It was exceedingly cool, and now I want to be an ultrasound tech when I grow up. The whole concept of sound waves drawing pictures is infinitely cool. Anyhow, they were checking out his Gall Bladder to see if there was anything wrong there. They scanned his kidneys and other areas of his abdominal region. Again, they found nothing. The doctor who talked to us after that this morning was very… well, ER. He looked like a young actor, and he was clever and flippant and all that sort of stuff. Nice guy though.

And so they continue to narrow down everything that Adam doesn’t have.

And now I really need to do some catching up on the writing.


  • ozreison

    November 20, 2005 at 9:55 pm

    My friend suggests you have them check the pancreas. She has known several people who have had unexplained pain that has ended up being the pancreas.

    We’re hoping he’s feeling better soon. *hugs*

  • xoobee

    November 21, 2005 at 12:25 am

    Augh not again!
    I thought he had ‘chronic epidymitis’ or however u spell that…
    Btw…you want to be an ultrasound technician ‘when you grow up’? 🙂
    Isn’t that never going to happen? ;P