Shopping night at MEC, and upcoming projects

Tonight was Staff Sale night at MEC, where Adam works. There were door prizes (none of which we won) and an extra 10% off over the usual discount staff gets. We picked up a few things we needed. I’ve got some nice cycling pants now, so when it’s not icy and too freezing I’ll start hopefully biking to and from work (or at least part of the ride.) Adam got some trekking poles so he can put a lot less weight on his knees when we go out hiking. All good, useful things. I wasn’t in the mood to shop, really, but I did anyhow.

I spent most of the day at work stressed out, until an issue I’ve been trying to deal with for the past few weeks finally got resolved fifteen minutes before the end of the workday.

Tomorrow is another workday. Thursday… I always liked Thursdays. I aim for this to be a good Thursday.

I think i’ll shower and then go to sleep. Shopping was exhausting, and it was very strange to come home and not have to do some writing. Now I will be able to focus on the Metblogs Vancouver stuff more, and also I’m going to join artyste in the Picture a Day project starting tomorrow. And you thought I carried my camera with me everywhere before now…