A couple of thoughts on NaNoWriMo

First off, I would like to thank Cryo for talking me into doing NaNoWriMo and for being the only other person I know was was doing it at the same time as me. I wouldn’t have done it without your encouragement.

Thanks too to everyone who encouraged me, pushed, or congratulated me when I finished. 🙂

Second, now that it’s done I’m noticing that I’m doing something to myself that Adam tells me I frequently do: I’m minimizing the achievement in my own mind. I’ve already started thinking of it at something that was easy, but you know what? For me it wasn’t that easy. It was a tough challenge, especially considering I haven’t really written anything story-wise in so long (over ten years I think.) It was really difficult for me to come home and write almost every night, and to spend so much time on my weekends just sitting and writing.

The point is, I’m actually telling myself it’s not a big deal, and not that important an accomplishment, when I know that part-way through the month I was practically basing the future of my entire life on finishing this project (okay, that’s exxagerating a little, but you know what I mean.)

I did it. And that is awesome. And I should stop trying to tell myself it wasn’t a big deal, because it is. I feel fantastic about it. I will not let myself gloss it over and pretend it was nothing. I will let myself actually be proud of myself.

Shopping night at MEC, and upcoming projects

Tonight was Staff Sale night at MEC, where Adam works. There were door prizes (none of which we won) and an extra 10% off over the usual discount staff gets. We picked up a few things we needed. I’ve got some nice cycling pants now, so when it’s not icy and too freezing I’ll start hopefully biking to and from work (or at least part of the ride.) Adam got some trekking poles so he can put a lot less weight on his knees when we go out hiking. All good, useful things. I wasn’t in the mood to shop, really, but I did anyhow.

I spent most of the day at work stressed out, until an issue I’ve been trying to deal with for the past few weeks finally got resolved fifteen minutes before the end of the workday.

Tomorrow is another workday. Thursday… I always liked Thursdays. I aim for this to be a good Thursday.

I think i’ll shower and then go to sleep. Shopping was exhausting, and it was very strange to come home and not have to do some writing. Now I will be able to focus on the Metblogs Vancouver stuff more, and also I’m going to join artyste in the Picture a Day project starting tomorrow. And you thought I carried my camera with me everywhere before now…

NaNoWriMo Update

Final count: 50,579

I will be going over it, editing it, adding things and otherwise tweaking, but the story is done. I’ll let you know when it’s published, I promise 😉

And now I shall do a little dance. You see, in the beginning I really didn’t think I would ever make it this far, let alone make it this far with an actual story. And here I am, done. 50,000 is a big number. Yahoo.

Nanowrimo Wordcount update

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
47,677 / 50,000

Okay. I’m done for the night. Am too tired to continue now. It’s time for the sleep.

I was tagged…

I got tagged by vtequine

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re any good, they must be songs you are presently enjoying. Post these instructions in your Live Journal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

1. Future Sound of London – Cascade (Okay, I just REALLY want to listen to it and can’t find it anymore. *sad*)
2. Annie Lennox – Into the West
3. Tom Waits – Ol’ 55
4. Enya – Waterfall
5. The Killers – Jenny was a friend of mine
6. The Postal Service – Such Great Heights
7. Rick Springfield – Jessie’s Girl

Now for tagging (don’t feel obligated here folks, it’s pretty random tagging.)

There you go. Your turn. Or not.