My day, & a meme

Today was a frustrating day that filled me with rage for a good few hours. I took myself on a walk at lunch, and had Beef Yakisoba. It didn’t particularly help, but whatever.

We were supposed to go out tonight with a couple we’ve been supposed to go out with since the week we got back from the wedding. Every week, one of the four of us is too sick to actually go anywhere. The same thing happened tonight. I’m starting to wonder if the universe is saying ‘It’s not time yet, please wait longer,’ or something.

Here is a meme. I cannot vouch for its accuracy.

You’re the color blue. You have the three c’s in
life–you’re cool, caring and confident.
Trustworthy and honest, people are naturally
attracted to you. You’re unusually optimistic,
but that makes life all the better. You’re an
imaginative person who loves sleeping and
dreaming. Hard-working and determined, you
excell in school. You’re everybody’s favorite,
and this is because you have this undefined
richness in your personality and attitude.
Mild-tempered and stable. Not to mention very
intelligent. Along with the fact that you’re
conservative, you’re worried about the
environment. So basically, you’re a generous,
dependable and devoted–just the kind of person
everybody needs. Wouldn’t it be great if
everybody in the world were like you?

What color are you? (Amazingly detailed & accurate–with pics!)
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