Little Owie

This morning around 6 or so Sera woke us up demanding to be fed. She does that sometimes. When Adam got up to feed her, I rolled over and stretched a little bit, thus pulling the muscle in my right calf, causing me to whimper and say ‘owie owie owie owie owie’ for a few minutes. It was highly unpleasant.

It’s still a bit tight now. I hate when I give myself a charlie horse when I’m half asleep.

Today we’re going over to my mom’s for a thanksgiving-esque dinner. Tara’s coming too. It should be good. We were also thinking about going to Ikea, although I feel back asking Tara to drive us everywhere. I should’ve gone to get my desk & chair while we still had our car on the road, but there just wasn’t enough time, plus with Adam sick so much the past couple of weeks he hasn’t been up to going anywhere, and I didn’t want to go without him. Ikea’s too much fun to not share.

So yeah, the car is officially off the road now. It’ll be a little while before we can adjust our budget to include insurance for it. I keep thinking I could get a part-time job which would pay for the car, but then I’d have no time to go out and use it. No point in that.