How I spent my 29th birthday

The night before my birthday my husband and I went to bed late, perhaps around 1:30. He wasn’t feeling well and while I fell asleep fairly quickly, he tossed and turned for an hour or so. I woke up around 2:30 to him in a considerable amount of pain, with nothing we could do about it. I stayed up about half an hour with him, then he went to sit on his computer and walk around the apartment for a while trying to settle himself down. I slept again until about 4:30 or 5:00, waking up to find him still awake, and still in pain. I spent the next three hours awake with him, trying to help him feel better. We figured out that he was having a severe reaction to the Tylenol 3 painkillers the doctor on thursday had prescribed him for his pain. Great.

At 8am he called the pharmacist and explained what was going on. We then walked to the pharmacy and picked up some stuff to help settle his stomach. By 9 we were back at the house, and we decided then to try and sleep for a while. Adam’s pain had settled enough that he fell asleep, and I was just exhausted by this time, so I slept until Tara called around 11 or so. I got up at about 11:30, read a little bit and waited for Tara to arrive with the makings for French Toast.

Tara arrived, we sat around talking for a while, then started preparing brunch. I think it was ready around 1:30, so I woke Adam up to join us. He was still in some pain but not nearly as bad, and he’d managed to get some sleep which was good. The french toast was awesome.

After brunch we headed out for a drive up a mountain. We hadn’t been up Mt. Seymour yet, so that is where we went. I took a few pictures, which I will post shortly. We didn’t do any hiking, since Adam still wasn’t up to much walking around or anything, but it was lovely up there. Coming down from the mountain we decided to stop in Deep Cove, which is probably the most beautiful part of North Vancouver I’ve seen yet.

We headed to an Earl’s restaurant for dinner where I had steak. It was quite good, especially since I haven’t had steak in a very long time. Tara got the wait staff to sing happy birthday to me, for which I will forever be annoyed (I hate that) but still appreciate the sentiment. We came home after that and Adam took a nap while I supervised Tara making an angel food cake. I love angel food cake, but I was the only one among the three of us who had ever made one before.

Waiting for the cake to cool so we could eat it, we ended up playing SSX Tricky. Once the cake was cool enough, we ate some with whipped cream, and it was fantastic. Somehow I managed to stay awake until nearly 11pm, when we sent Tara home and Adam & I passed out from sheer exhaustion. I think I slept like the dead. Adam slept the night through, which is good – no more Tylenol 3s for him, which means any pain he gets from whatever’s wrong with him, he’s going to have to endure or hope that regular tylenol will work.

And that’s how I spent my 29th birthday.