Tomorrow morning I’m taking Adam to another doctor, this time finally not a walk-in clinic. We’re hoping that this time, finally, it will be someone who’s willing to invest some effort into finding out what, precisely, is wrong with my husband. Seriously, we’ve had quite enough.

Adam’s also going to try heading back in to work tomorrow after the appointment. Hopefully the past few days off will have helped him recover enough. So frustrating.

I’m thrilled that we finally have our actual, honest-to-goodness Medical Services Plan card. The BC Medical system needs some serious help.

I’m going to start challenging myself to themes with photography, when I get a chance. To do this, I’m going to pretend I’m a member of the DPC website. Doubt I’ll contribute, so much, but I’m happy to push myself to try things I haven’t thought of, or things I normally wouldn’t bother trying. Just for kicks.