So I signed up – two days ago. Spur of the moment-like. I feel like I’m crazy… especially since I had an idea, worked it a bit, dumped it, got another idea, dumped that, then moved on to a third and hated it immediately. Now on my fourth idea, but I’m rather liking it so far. I think I’ll keep it.

I’m working on the outline and ideas and characters and so on.

I guess wish me luck? Here’s hoping I can start. That’s the first step to finishing. One I tend to miss out on too often.

I’m actually starting to get excited. Here’s hoping that telling everyone here doesn’t freak me out too much and mess my head up. (Self-imposed pressure…)


We’ve noticed something very strange about Sera.

She has always been able to tell when I’m upset, and she’ll go crazy trying to comfort me – following me around purring, demanding that I pet her, lying next to me like a teddy bear, that sort of thing. Lately, though, with Adam not feeling good, she’s been obsessively trying to lie on top of him – not just anywhere on top of him, though, but directly where he’s in pain. And when the pain moved around to another area, she would try to lie there. It’s like she knows where he’s hurting. I have no idea what’s up with that.


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I was supposed to make a mask this week for a contest at work. I even had an idea, but now I just don’t have time for what I wanted to do. Plus I don’t know if I could really pull that off anyhow.

I guess now the options are:

1) throw something half-assed together and hope for the best
b) not make a mask at all

Does anyone have any quick mask idea that can be made with stuff around the house?

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I’m feeling a bit better today I think. I still don’t want to just sit around the house, so I’m going to finish something I need to get done, and then maybe work on the new website again (hello, tables, here I come.)

Someone from work invited us to a party tonight. Not sure if we’ll go, depends on how ambitious we are and how Adam is feeling.

I have this looseleaf organic earl grey cream tea… it’s fantastic.

I should get working.

Can’t quite shake it…

You know, I really am working on my positivity. It may not seem like it, but then this whole livejournal thing is a venting machine (like a vending machine, but not nearly enough chocolate.)

Adam’s feeling better tonight after going to see a Naturopathic Doctor. Go figure. He’s not healed, but a lot of his pain is gone. This is good.

I, on the other hand, haven’t been able to not feel painfully bored while sitting at home for weeks now. This just means that I don’t really feel like spending time at home, and when I am at home I start to dwell on the things that really bother me right now – which translates into basically not liking myself very much. I’ll leave out the steps in between.

I pulled out my small collection of polished stones. I love how the polished smooth quartz looks like water solidified. I love the fractal-like patterns in the red stone, and the solid white triple stripe in the blue-green. It’s been so long I’ve forgotten what they all are except for the quartz. They used to calm me. I have one of the larger amethyst stones we got in Thunder bay on the way back from Ontario on my desk at work. It seems to help when I get stressed, in the sense that playing with it helps me relax my hands.

I’d like to turn one of my quartz stones into a necklace. I also want to get around to making jewelry with the amethyst from Tbay. Need to buy more supplies for that.

It’s nearly November. Maybe this is just autumn blahs. Maybe it’s just me always finding something wrong.

I should put on headphones and lose myself for a while.


Exxon in biggest ever US profits

US oil giant Exxon Mobil has posted a quarterly profit of $9.9bn (£5.55bn), the largest in US corporate history, on the back of record oil and gas prices.

Profit was up 75% and revenue rose 32% to more than $100bn.

But the results were short of analyst forecasts due to production damage from Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, and lower profit at its chemicals division.

That’s right, folks. All that raising gas prices due to the hurricanes comes down to this. Highest profits EVER… but less than what they hoped for. I feel their pain. Really.

Eh. They’ll run out of the stuff eventually.

Pregnancy rumours are not actually true

So apparently there was a rumour floating around work that I was pregnant. Nope, not pregnant. Wouldn’t have gone on lots of spinny rides last night if I was. Hopefully that’ll quell it.

Absolutely starving tonight. Must find a snack that’ll tide me over until Adam gets home. He tried going in to work today. We shall see how it went when he gets back.

Nearly fell asleep on the short bus ride home, but woke up just before my stop. Lucky that. I didn’t really want to go to Highland.

Fright Night at the PNE

I went to fright night at the PNE tonight with people from work. I took some photos. It was a blast, I went on this crazy ride called The Revelation, which was just awesome (especially considering how afraid of heights I am.)

Ready for sleep now.