Honeymoon: Photo Journal

I’ve managed to sort through and edit the photos from the first three days of our drive across the country. For the link to all the pictures, you can go here, or just see below for day-by-day links.

Day 1 we drove from New Liskeard Ontario to Neys Provincial Park, which is just outside of Marathon Ontario, on the north end of Lake Superior. It was a lot of driving, but the countryside was beautiful and worth seeing.

Day 2 we drove from Neys through Thunder Bay and on to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Again, a lot of driving, but the highways in Manitoba are so straight and fast that it was easy to do.

Day 3 we went from Winnipeg across the border into Saskatchewan, where we braved side roads and combines to find our way to Echo Valley provincial park. It was stunning there, but very windy, very cold, and very thunder-stormy.

I’ll post more tomorrow, hopefully.