My tiredness seems to know no end. Every night I’m a little more tired a little earlier than the night before. Maybe my body’s already trying to get into Ontario time? I’m not really sure, but I can tell you that I’m very tired. Nearly ready for bed now and it’s not even 10pm.

I’ve been trying to compile the list of things that I absolutely need to bring with me back to Ontario. It’s challenging, since I think of these things in the middle of the night when I’m unwilling (or unable) to get up and write them down.

Work has been getting busier – all that last-minute things to get done type stuff going on, plus people this week have decided somehow that I should be doing more things for them on top of what I have to get done myself. Yay.

I think we need to ship our camp stove to Ontario. The airlines will probably seize it if we take it with us.