So tired…

Haven’t slept more than five hours a night since we got to Ontario, and last night was the worst of it. I’m hoping that tonight this will stop. It’s not that I don’t have time to sleep, it’s just that I can’t seem to actually fall asleep, and I’ve been having a lot of tension dreams that make no sense (like the stupid elephant. I hate that elephant.)

Ïf you need any last minute info on the wedding, please go to my website and grab it from there.

Wedding starts at 4pm on Sunday. please arrive before then if you’re coming to it. If you arrive late just come through the door and stand near the back I guess. Oh yeah, and if it’s absolutely pouring rain, we’re at the Green Tomato restaurant down the road. But it won’t be pouring. Also, that’s why you should be somewhat on time, so you know what’s going on. Heh.

A cryptic update…

There is only really one person who can understand this, and it’s for that person that I write it.

I didn’t bring them, because I thought I wouldn’t need them, but now that I’m here things have changed and I need them! Fortunately my mother is picking them up for me because otherwise I might just have to go completely mad for the entire drive back.

And also: OMG AWESOME!! see also: music.

Updating from an imac in toronto…

Finally got Adam’s bubby’s IMAC to log into lj. Unfortunately it seems to think that today is january 10, 1970 at 10:26. I’m thinking it has a weird identity crisis going on.

At any rate, we’ve been in toronto since Saturday afternoon. This is the first I’ve been online, really. Saturday Emma picked us up at the airport, then we went out for food and headed downtown to the Groundhog for a gathering. It was fun, but we were very tired and Adam wasn’t feeling great so we headed back up to his grandmother’s house by 12:30 or so.

Sunday I went for my first dress fitting (awesome) and then came back to Adam’s grandmother’s house for a nap. After that we went out to meet with traycer to discuss photos and such, which was all good. We also had dinner at Spring Rolls, which was pretty good but still not Salad King.

Today we’ve been out to pick up some stuff at the pharmacy, and soon we should be meeting with my Stepmother for lunch. Here’s hoping she arrives soon, I still have a thousand things to get done today. (Okay, maybe some exxageration in that number, but I do have a lot of things to do.)

Tonight I have one more dress fitting and I pick up Tara’s dress to bring up north with me. Tomorrow morning we head up to New Liskeard with Adam’s dad & brother.

It’s been very busy. I have a lot of shopping i need to get done today.

so busy!!!1!11one!!


the insecurity is the thing that won’t be lost…

The thing about the Pacific Yachting pictures is that I won’t really, truly believe it until I hold the printed copy in my hands.

Did you know….

that I’m flying out at 7:00 in the morning?

that I’m getting married in just over a week?

that I don’t have to go to work for three weeks?

that I have two pictures being published in the October issue of Pacific Yachting magazine?

Betcha didn’t know that last one.

A Stag&Doe type party in Toronto!

My second last day of work, and could it have been more stressful? We’ll see how tomorrow goes, I’ll let you know then.

On a much happier (and less stressful, oddly enough) note, I fly out in a day and a half!

Saturday there will be a party / gathering at the Groundhog Pub at Yonge & Bloor. If you can make it out to see us before we go up north, then please join us! We’ll be there at 8pm. There will be much beer and karaoke!


My tiredness seems to know no end. Every night I’m a little more tired a little earlier than the night before. Maybe my body’s already trying to get into Ontario time? I’m not really sure, but I can tell you that I’m very tired. Nearly ready for bed now and it’s not even 10pm.

I’ve been trying to compile the list of things that I absolutely need to bring with me back to Ontario. It’s challenging, since I think of these things in the middle of the night when I’m unwilling (or unable) to get up and write them down.

Work has been getting busier – all that last-minute things to get done type stuff going on, plus people this week have decided somehow that I should be doing more things for them on top of what I have to get done myself. Yay.

I think we need to ship our camp stove to Ontario. The airlines will probably seize it if we take it with us.