Photo Journal Update!

I have added some new pictures to the photo journal. These were all taken with 800 speed film, which I haven’t ever really worked with before.

Set 1: New Pemberton Pics – there are only four new pics up here, but I think they’re all really nice. They give a better perspective of how high up we were.

Set 2: Team Pangor Trail Day – These were taken when we went out to help with the trail building and maintenance on Team Pangor, up on Mt. Seymour. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of work.

Set 3: Yesterday’s trip to the Lower Trails on Burnaby Mtn. at SFU – all of Adam playing on structures. Fun stuff.

I will give you some pictures behind this cut as well…

Adam looks out across the valley – the town of Pemberton is down there somewhere…

Pangor Trail Day: Rory looking over one of the trail sections that needs to be worked on.

Adam goes down a ramp on Burnaby Mountain.

Fun with biking was had at all of these places. I hope to have some more fun with biking soon.