I’ve been lax in updating…

Mostly due to just not wanting to be on the computer much when I get home from work the past few days. It’s been crazy busy at work, lots of crises to deal with and such. The kind of stuff I actually love doing, oddly enough… I just like being able to fix things or solve things or get things done. I guess in some ways it’s not that hard to keep me happy at work – just keep me busy and tell me you appreciate what I’m doing, or that I’m helping you greatly. This makes me happy.

I’m feeling better about wedding stuff today. I got an email from Missy (dressmaker, I will call her Missy from now on because that is her name and I like it better than saying ‘the dressmaker’) and I have my shoes and our savings are reasonable and we’re going to have a car to go grocery shoping with. It’s all very exciting. Better than overwhelming.

Tonight I walked around with Tara looking for a new apartment for her. It made me want very much to get a new apartment for us. If I thought we could do it before the wedding, I would totally be looking. As it is, though, it looks like the earliest timeline we can move on is November first, unless we found a place for October 1st before we left for the wedding. I don’t think we can add looking for an apartment to the list of things we need to get done before we fly to Toronto, however. It’s too bad – I saw some really nice, big places in our price range in the area we want to live. Still nowhere with screens, though – what the hell is wrong with this city? I mean sure, no bugs and whatnot but ffs, I have cats and I’ve already watched one fall to a horrifying death from heights, the last thing I need is to watch another. Or the vet bills should they survive. Plus, they’re both declawed and not fit for the outdoors, so I don’t need them escaping into the wilds of the city to fight coyotes, foxes, and racoons. Dayle’s already had his tail bitten through by a racoon – blood everywhere, and an expensive vet bill, just because he’s an idiot and a bully who thinks he can take on the world. And that happened when he had claws! And of course he did that when we had company from the states, just to make their visit that much more exciting…

I need to start buying film pretty much now for our trip back from Ontario. I won’t have a digital SLR by then, so I need to stock up. I want good film, though, not the store-brand stuff I’ve been getting. I don’t think I can afford really good film, but at least I can get my standard Fuji 200 speed and be happy. Just thinking about the drive back… it’s going to be awesome. I’ve always wanted to cross the country in a car. So amazing.

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  • msfancypants

    July 7, 2005 at 10:14 am

    Watch that trip across the prairies. It’s almost unbearable.