I dreamed we had to get up to the wedding on a train. You could hop on and off the train without anyone caring, but if it left without you you would have to find another way there. Dayle & Sera were with us. Our train car was an entire apartment, complete with windows that could be slid open. At one point Adam had closed the door to one of the bedrooms, locking the cats out so he could open the screenless windows. Sometime later in the dream, I had to go lock the cats in that room, except I didn’t know that the window was open. Naturally, Dayle got out and was wandering across a bunch of train tracks. Sera stood on the window ledge looking for him. I yelled at Adam to go get Dayle. It was all very stressful, but we got him back and shut the window.

A little later on the train trip, we stopped in a town called Powell, whiched seemed to only have a Wendy’s restaurant (complete with the world’s longest drive-thru,) a Sears outlet store, and a Tim Horton’s. My mother and brother were there, shadowing the train in a car. We met up with them and considered getting some Wendy’s, but decided not to and instead headed back for the train.

When we got back, somehow the train had ended up on a Cruise Ship. We went to get back on, but it started moving and left us behind. I was freaking out, demanding that Adam find out how the hell we were supposed to catch up with it and/or get up north to the wedding. I was also pretty worried about the cats. It was around this time that I woke up.