Wedding dreams

Well, more like wedding nightmares I think. I dreamed most of last night (or so it felt) about the wedding going ahead with things as they are right now. It was chaotic and disordered, nothing went right, hundreds of things still weren’t done, and I was just going completely mental. It wasn’t particularly restful.

A few years ago I swore that because my family was so fragmented, I should never have a wedding. I am starting to feel really bad for Adam’s mother, who is dealing with all of the wedding planning stuff from her side, (doing a great job of it, but I think it’s overwhelming her) and having to deal with the fact that on top of it all I refuse to call certain branches of my family (namely my father, who isn’t invited.) My stepmother (married to my father) seems to want to be involved, however, so I told her to talk to Adam’s mother. I’ve also tried to tell her that if she wants to talk to me she has to call me on my cellphone, because I am rarely at home and don’t answer the home phone most of the time anyways. She continues to phone my home line.

I like that I’m having a wedding, I’m sorry that my family issues are making life difficult for Adam’s mom, and I am anxious for Sept. 4th to be here.

Must start making the wedding favours soon.

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  • xoobee

    June 10, 2005 at 2:15 pm

    What are you using for wedding favours?