Trail Day

I spent most of today out working on a mountain biking trail on Mt. Seymore called Team Pangor. It was a lot of digging and rock tetris with a fantatstic BBQ’d lunch followed by more digging and rock tetris. I believe a good time was had by most (I don’t think a good time was had by the guy who got hit on the head by a tree. At least not as much as a good time as everyone else. Note to self – don’t piss off trees.) I may not be allowed to bike yet, but at least I can still go out and play in the mud with all the other kids. Anyhow, I took some pictures, we shall see how they turned out whenever I get them developed. They’re on film that might be expired, so I’m not necessarily expecting them all to turn out.

I wore some hiking boots that rubbed the back of my legs until they were raw and raised. Not so pleasant. However, I have just come from a steaming hot bubble bath and all is quite well in my world at this moment.

I have been told by spadoink, aka my espionage agent to the US, that my wedding shoes have been acquired in the city of B———. They shall be within my reach very soon, assuming no one shows up to remove the microfilm from his stomach.

We tried to watch more Babylon 5, and the discs kept freezing. Maybe the dvd player was overheated or something.

I’m very nearly ready for bed. I can’t believe the weekend is over so soon.