These are possible songs I could learn and sing at the wedding…

Songbird – Fleetwood Mac – such a beautiful song. A bit high for my range, and hard to play on guitar.
Five Days in May – Blue Rodeo – I can already play and sing this one. It’s quite a nice song, long-term love story kind of thing.
Power of Two – Indigo Girls – Looks pretty easy, although lacking harmonies always makes me a little sad with Indigo Girls songs.
Lost Together – Blue Rodeo – The first and third verses work great. The second one isn’t quite right, but it could still work. Maybe I could write my own second verse? heh.
Silly Love Songs – Paul McCartney & Wings – I don’t know it that well, but who knows?
Kermit THE Frog – Rainbow Connection (it’s a sentimentality thing)

I’ll put in more if I think of them. Yes.