On Laundry and building security.

Just over two weeks ago, someone broke into our building and stole the change machine part of our only laundry machines. Our landlord told us it would be fixed ‘Soon’ but we haven’t seen or heard from him since. We were already needing to do laundry when the machines were broken into.

We’ve managed to get to the laundromat once since then to do two loads, but we have since run out of various items of attire considered necessary. When I was on the crutches, I wasn’t much good to go to the laundromat (it’s a 20 minute walk uphill.) It’s too far to go with backpacks, and I’m still kind of limping around, so really, this is ridiculous. We’re annoyed. I suppose I should be glad that the landlord threatened the upstairs neighbours after we complained to him about the 48 hour long parties they’ve had every weekend since they moved here in May – the last two weekends have been quiet.

You don’t want to know what the status of our clothing is.

Oh yeah, and there’s the added factor that someone broke into our building and stole the laundry change. Or someone inside the building broke into the laundry machines and stole the change. Either way, I am so ready to move right now it hurts. I may not own very much, but what I do have has value at least to me, and I don’t like this one little bit.

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  • xoobee

    June 14, 2005 at 5:34 pm

    Seconding the ‘so ready to move now it hurts’ (even without the bum ankle). The cold water pipes in the ceiling directly above my bedroom are ‘sweating’ due to the recent high humidity. So there are water spots on my ceiling. I called the landlady and she said, “Oh well, we can’t fix that, just run the dehumidifier.” Didn’t sound right to me so I asked various friends. Apparently you can buy pipe insulation very cheaply, and that stops the problem.
    Stupid STUPID landlady/lord!
    This is the latest in a long LONG list of problems with this apt. Am in the process of sorting/packing stuff to move before winter. It cannot happen soon enough. BTW if anyone has a homeless futon and lives in the GTA…