An eventful day

Today I had my 3-month review. It went well, except for one detail that saddens me and makes me feel a bit stressed, but so be it.

If you got a wedding invitation, please send an email to the rsvp address printed on the invite, or call Tyna, to let us know if you plan to come and where you would like to stay and so on. We’re trying to get everything sorted out as early as possible.

spadoink has brought me my shoes – the very ones I wanted (Roxy Plumeria), in the right colour (Silver) and size (8 1/2), and they were on clearance. How amazing is that?!? So yes, the quest for the shoes has come to an end. For this I am extremely grateful.

I wanted to call the Dressmaker and tell her which fabric I want to use, but I never get home early enough to call her. She’s in Toronto. I emailed instead.

After work I went to Physio again. I now have a 3 or 4 foot long piece of rubber tubing. Kinky. Really, though, it’s for my strengthening exercises. He also taped up my foot to basically find out, as I walk around for the next few days with a taped foot, whether or not an orthotic would be of any use to me. So far, since it’s already making a huge difference, I’m thinking yes. Crud. That’s a nifty $300.00 expense I don’t need before the wedding, but it makes walking feel so… not painful!