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Definitely not a great day

My stress level went crazy today. The bad morning, a headache that wouldn’t go away, and then I made the mistake of thinking about wedding expenses and other pre and post-wedding expenses, and started to panic. By the end of the day all I wanted to do was come home and spend some time with Adam to just try and de-stress.

That didn’t work out so well.

By the time I got home, he was on some cleaning frenzy mission. Now it must be said that our apartment was desperately needing cleaning, but when you come home after a bad day looking forward to seeing your sweetheart because the thought of him is all that’s kept you going all day, and all he does when you arrive is say hi then disappear into the bathroom to clean more, you get kind of upset.

Yeah, it’s lame. I was upset because my fiance was doing housework. You’ve got to wonder what’s wrong with me.

It’s okay, we managed to sort everything out after some stupidness. Pre-wedding stress is really freakin’ annoying, I tell you.

Blech. Mornings.

It’s been a rough morning. I woke up and hit snooze for 9 minutes, then when it went off again I turned it off and crawled back into bed. Oops. Woke up when I actually should have been leaving. Fortunately I usually catch the 7:45 seabus, but that’s one earlier than the last possible seabus I can take to still arrive (basically) on time for work.

I walked out the door into pouring rain. At the bus stop I waited in the pouring rain, as my stop has no shelter. I have no idea how long I was waiting, but it was long enough to look a bit like a drenched rat when the bus did arrive. I caught the 8:00 Seabus and made it to work maybe two minutes late.

Now I am on a quest to find someone who can put together an interactive PDF (the sort that you can fill out and send back online) and how much it would cost and so on. Also, I have a mild headache. I would like to go home, curl up with my kitties, and go back to sleep now.


I wish I had my Toad the Wet Sprocket CDs here.

Ah well. I will have them in a couple of months. Along with many other exciting things that I forgot I owned. It will be amazing.

An eventful day

Today I had my 3-month review. It went well, except for one detail that saddens me and makes me feel a bit stressed, but so be it.

If you got a wedding invitation, please send an email to the rsvp address printed on the invite, or call Tyna, to let us know if you plan to come and where you would like to stay and so on. We’re trying to get everything sorted out as early as possible.

spadoink has brought me my shoes – the very ones I wanted (Roxy Plumeria), in the right colour (Silver) and size (8 1/2), and they were on clearance. How amazing is that?!? So yes, the quest for the shoes has come to an end. For this I am extremely grateful.

I wanted to call the Dressmaker and tell her which fabric I want to use, but I never get home early enough to call her. She’s in Toronto. I emailed instead.

After work I went to Physio again. I now have a 3 or 4 foot long piece of rubber tubing. Kinky. Really, though, it’s for my strengthening exercises. He also taped up my foot to basically find out, as I walk around for the next few days with a taped foot, whether or not an orthotic would be of any use to me. So far, since it’s already making a huge difference, I’m thinking yes. Crud. That’s a nifty $300.00 expense I don’t need before the wedding, but it makes walking feel so… not painful!

Mmmmm blueberries……

I baked blueberry Kuchen tonight. I made two, one for home and one for the potluck at work tomorrow. Oh so good. Seriously. Like heaven. I love this stuff.

Rory and Tara are both here tonight, we made some home-made hamburgers and had mud pie for dessert. Now we’re going to go for a walk.

A Photo…

Here is a picture of me from the Trail Building day yesterday. When I have developed my pictures, I will consider posting them (if they turn out okay.)


Have a lurking tension headache. Likely from the fact that I’m tense. Go figure. I’m also hungry, which doesn’t help.

I spent most of the day at work today sorting and folding invoices. Mindless work that actually made the time pass okay. Tonight after work I have another Physio appointment, so I have to make sure I leave in time to get the 5:15 Seabus.

At lunch today I ate in the lunchroom then left to walk in the rain for a while. There is a greenspace with a huge fountain the entire length of the park just a few blocks away from here. I went there and watched the water for a while, imagining I was a little kid with a toy boat to send down the mighty rapids. I really want a toy boat to play with in that fountain now. There were landscapers there, so I watched them work for a while, missing having a garden and thinking it wouldn’t be too bad to have a job like that.

I’m not unhappy at work in the least. I just like to entertain other ideas sometimes. Really, all I need is a home with a yard I can work in on my own terms. And maybe a nice fountain I can play with boats in. That would be nice.


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