It’s been that sort of day…

I swear that things are just working against me today.

1 – I came in to work and the kitchen sink was clogged. Tried to fix it with the sink plunger, but that clog was pretty nasty, so no dice.

2 – Called the building manager, who said we could call a plumber. We decided to try getting a snake and fixing it ourselves instead.

3 – Water starts to back up from other floors into our sink. I scoop out water into a basin, and carry basin into washroom to flush water down the toilet. Quite gross. This takes 3 trips or so.

4 – Lunchtime arrives and as I am about to leave for my lunch, I find that I have to escort a courier with many many boxes of envelopes to our storage room on a different floor. This takes approximately 15 minutes of my lunch break.

5 – Return from lunch and water is still backing up into our sink. I am not amused. I wait until everyone is done eating their lunch in the lunchroom, and repeat item three.

6 – The snake arrives, and the sink is fixed after half an hour of fighting with it.

7 – Invoices of doom appear. This is a normal part of my job, I just don’t much like doing it. It’s very time-consuming and tedious.

8 – One elevator has been down for two days. Now the second elevator is down. We’re on the ninth floor and must leave by the stairs.

I think there was more, but I can’t remember right now. I’m going to go shoe shopping and watch Star Wars III now. Am crashing from my Banana Marshmallow sugar high.