A Trip to Pemberton: Part 1

I will be writing this update in parts because I am currently exhausted.

Yesterday Adam & I woke up early to go on a little road trip to Pemberton. Pemberton is a town just north of Whistler, which is approximately three hours drive from Vancouver along the coast and a little inland. The town itself is nestled in a lovely river valley, surrounded by coastal range mountains, including the extremely foreboding Mount Currie. The Lilllooet River cuts through the valley and the place is quite simply beautiful and overwhelming when you’re still not quite used to mountains.

Our purpose in Pemberton was to go to the top of one of these mountains (not Mount Currie, and when I post photos you will see why not,) and fling ourselves off of them on our bikes. Keep in mind, of course, I have taken a total of two mountain bike courses at the intermediate 1 level and felt they were challenging. This was something else entirely.

The trip was held by Adam’s department of work at the co-op, meant to be a beginner trip to get people who haven’t done much mountain biking into the sport. It was lead by Lorne, Adam’s department head. The mantra of the trip was soon to become Don’t go on a beginner trip with Lorne.