A day of stuff

Today we travelled into town to visit the Maritime museum, the space science centre, Granville Island, and a laser show.

The Maritime Museum

Way more interesting and fun than I expected. They have an entire ship inside the building that was in use by the RCMP, travelling the passage through the Arctic back & forth a few times and supplying RCMP outposts in the great white north. It was pretty cool. There were also some really interesting exhibits in the main part of the museum. Very neat.

The Space Science Centre

The simulator ride was pretty lame. The show in the little theatre was cute, and we learned stuff, but it was a kids show really. The planetarium was absolutely fantastic and I want one in my house when I have millions of dollars to spend on home theatre systems. The other interactive museum type exhibits were pretty neat, someday when I have kids it would be cool to send them to the camps they have there over the summer.

Granville Island

Same as it was last week, with more rain. We grabbed some food from the Indian place in the market, and wandered over to Dragonspace, a very cool little store with a lot of fantasy art, tarot cards, and dragons. We then went back outside and walked around in the rain until we got cold. We had to waste five hours at that point, because the laser show wasn’t due to start until 10:45pm. We walked to Starbucks where I got tea, then walked back to the Sammy J. Pepper’s restaurant on Granville island because it was pouring out and we couldn’t think of anything else to do. We sat on the pation (it was cold and wet) and had a couple of drinks which we managed to stretch out for nearly 3 hours, followed by a plate of nachos. Nice restaurant, hot waitresses.

After we finished our three hour patio session at Sammy’s, we headed back out into the rain to walk back to the Space Science Centre where we wanted to purchase tickets for the laser show. (They show the laser show in the planetarium, more on that in a bit.) We got our tickets and still had an hour and fifteen minutes to kill, so we headed out to the nearest main street where we were certain we would find a Starbucks. We were not let down.

We sat in the Starbucks for about forty-five minutes, then headed back to the Planetarium. The U2 show was nearly over, and people were starting to go in for the show we had tickets for…..

Pink Floyd: The Wall (laser show!)

This show was the best $10.50 I have spent in a very, very, very long time. There was loud music by Pink Floyd. There were lasers. There was a planetarium projecting stars onto the dome screen. There were psychedelic effects without actually having taken any psychedelic drugs. It was really beyond words. I’ve never felt so whacked when I was totally sober in my entire life. I could’ve sworn I was hallucinating, except I wasn’t – it was just optical illusion everywhere. It was fantastic. We walked out of the show after it was done completely stunned, all five of us. They shunted us right out into the parking lot, where we were still completely stunned and unsure of how we actually got there. Yeah. I’m going back to see The Dark Side of the Moon on a Thursday sometime in June I think. So fantastic.

They have a U2 show as well, but I’m not a big U2 fan, so I don’t think I’d go to that one. I’m completely skipping the Popstars show, no interest in listening to Kelly Clarkson with lasers thanks.

I want a membership to the Planetarium. So fantastic.

We barely caught the SeaBus back home, but now we are here, and all is well.


  • jerronimo

    May 22, 2005 at 2:45 pm



    Rob is having his wedding reception in the local planetarium. We were joking about doing Laser Floyd right after “man and wife” or somesuch. hehehe.

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      May 22, 2005 at 5:10 pm

      Hehehe that would be pretty awesome 😀