Note to self: No flinging self down mountains on a bike within three weeks of wedding. Bruises are unsightly when wearing a wedding dress.

A Trip to Pemberton: Part 2

We were on the road north to Pemberton by 9:00 in the morning at the latest. A quick stop at the Squamish Tim Horton’s (because you’ve always got time for Tim Horton’s) was enjoyed by all. The drive itself was clear and beautiful, the first time I’ve ever been up that way when it hasn’t been raining and miserable. The Stawamus Chief was just as overwhelming in the bright sunlight as it was in the clouds and rain when we saw it in December.

We continued onward and northward to Whistler. There were many beautiful sights to be seen on the way which I won’t get into right now. All I can say is that British Columbia is fantastic.

We passed through Whistler, finding that Pemberton was not very far beyond. First off, however, we stopped at the local bike shop (Pemberton has a couple of gas stations, a McBleh, a bike shop, and not much else as far as I can tell) to pick up the Norco Six bikes we were planning on renting. I had brought my wee Giant, however, so I decided not to rent a bike.

After we had re-arranged the bike trailer with all the extra bikes, we headed out to the trail, or should I say up to the trail. We parked the car at the bottom of the access road and eight of us piled into the minivan.

It was a long, slow uphill climb to where we wanted to go. The road was dusty, rough, rocky and incredibly steep. We watched out the back of the van to make sure we didn’t lose any of the bikes tied down to the trailer. It was both scary and fantastic (mostly scary because I was fearing for the wee Giant…) We made it to the top safely, however, and unloaded our bikes, marvelling that the van had survived, as had the bikes (mostly.)

A short bike ride up the gravel road, then up a narrow access road, and we had overshot the trail by a few hundred metres, so we turned back to find it. Upon finding it, we took off down the trail. To be honest, I can’t remember many details of the beginning of the trail, but I can tell you this much – we were up pretty high. At some of the lookout points you could see the surrounding mountain peaks so clearly it was unreal. It really was something beautiful to behold, and if there was no other benefit to mountain biking, that alone would be enough.

The biking trail, however, was difficult. I am basically a beginner when it comes to mountain biking. I’ve done some cross country trail riding, but downhill has always kind of terrified me. This trail was most definitely downhill with a few cross country style sections. Needless to say, I was terrified. I was also quite proud of myself when I managed to actually ride down a steep rock rollover without losing control, falling, or even feeling off-balance. There were a few sections, however, that I simply couldn’t ride down because they were too steep, or the loose rocks were tossing me around too much, or I was just plain scared. I felt overall, though, that considering my actual skill level and experience, I did a fine job.

At least until the heatstroke set in.

A Trip to Pemberton: Part 1

I will be writing this update in parts because I am currently exhausted.

Yesterday Adam & I woke up early to go on a little road trip to Pemberton. Pemberton is a town just north of Whistler, which is approximately three hours drive from Vancouver along the coast and a little inland. The town itself is nestled in a lovely river valley, surrounded by coastal range mountains, including the extremely foreboding Mount Currie. The Lilllooet River cuts through the valley and the place is quite simply beautiful and overwhelming when you’re still not quite used to mountains.

Our purpose in Pemberton was to go to the top of one of these mountains (not Mount Currie, and when I post photos you will see why not,) and fling ourselves off of them on our bikes. Keep in mind, of course, I have taken a total of two mountain bike courses at the intermediate 1 level and felt they were challenging. This was something else entirely.

The trip was held by Adam’s department of work at the co-op, meant to be a beginner trip to get people who haven’t done much mountain biking into the sport. It was lead by Lorne, Adam’s department head. The mantra of the trip was soon to become Don’t go on a beginner trip with Lorne.


I went to more shoe stores tonight than I’ve been to in my life. Combined. No one has the shoes I want. I guess I’ll have to order online, which is a little scary since sizing is an iffy thing to me. Ah well, not much else to be done.

It’s time for bed. Early morning tomorrow, going biking and stuff. Yay biking!


I have got through the day, surviving the broke elevators (finally fixed around 3:00 in the afternoon) and the invoices of DOOM which have now left the building with postage on them. I think I may go looking for shoes again tonight, but this time I’ll walk up and down Robson St. There seem to be a lot of trendy shops around there.

I may have to resort to buying the shoes I want online from Amazon, assuming they’ll ship shoes to Canada. I don’t see why they wouldn’t, but they don’t ship electronics. Different thing, though.

It’s not that I want those shoes specifically, I just want ones that look like that. Silver, plain, shiny flats. Ballet slippers seem to be the most likely things I’ll find, although they don’t have to have the strappy part. I don’t want the wrinkly silver kind, though. And if I found some other nice silver flats that I liked that were embellished or something, I might consider them. Mostly I want my feet to not hurt. This is what’s important to me. I am a little worried that ballet flats might not be supportive enough, but then it’s not like I’ll be walking on a lot of pavement or anything – just a wooden deck and the grass in the back yard…

The one problem I’m having with all this shoe shopping is that it’s making me want to buy shoes. I’ve never been a shoes person. Now I want all sorts of shoes. Mostly summer sandals, pretty ones with sequins and straps and bright colours. Maybe next week I’ll buy myself some nice sandals.

A day without Elevators

I didn’t really mind climbing up the stairs to our floor at work. I seem to be in reasonable shape for that sort of thing, which is good. I feel quite bad for the couriers and our mail pickup guy, as well as our Staples delivery guy who should probably refuse to carry our delivery up 9 floors. I certainly wouldn’t blame him.

I have many pieces of mail to trifold and put into window envelopes. Curses!

I think I’ve developed a phobia of asking people to be in my wedding party. I just can’t have a third friend, I guess. Everyone I’ve asked has said yes, then not been able to actually do it. I know it’s not personal or anything, they all had good reasons, but one can’t help but feel a little down because of it. Anyhow, I’ve run out of ideas for people to ask, and I’m afraid to ask anyone anyhow, so I guess it’ll be an unbalanced wedding party. Why not, it’s already an unbalanced guests thing, what with 20 billion members of Adam’s family (minor exxageration) coming and like six of mine.

I think my brother is walking down the path to darkness again. Not that I can do anything about it, it’s his life, but my stepmother seems to think I can have some impact on him. Not likely, as while we are in the same province we are most definitely not in the same city, I have no transportation, and he’s not exactly open to anyone suggesting his course of action.

In other news, I’m going mountain biking this weekend.


My terrible day of terribleness ended with a good movie.

Yep… I liked Episode III. I came out of it feeling like I really wanted to go watch eps 4-6 again, like right now. I felt like a kid again. And that music at the beginning… always with the goosebumps… I realized as I was sitting there watching it that the one revelation I distinctly remember from the original three, the one that I can still remember how surprised I was and how amazing it was and such, was from Empire Strikes Back, when it’s revealed that the great Jedi Master Luke is going to see (Yoda) is that funny little crazy green dude in the swamp.

Adam thought I was angry after we left the theatre. I wasn’t, though, I just get kind of weird and quiet after movies like that. I really hate talking about them (or anything at all) until I’ve had a chance to really process it. They all just jump right into it. I just wanted to be alone for a little while. I guess that comes across as my seeming annoyed, when really I’m just distant.

Anyhow. That’s all I’m saying about that. I’m tired. Jordy, Leslie and Jamey left for the Airport, heading back to Ottawa. I’m heading to bed.