Yeah. I do starbucks.

On my last day at the Mountain I got an employee incentive Starbucks card worth 20$ for basically knowing about the Y2Play promotion. I’ve been using that all week for my work Starbucks fix, as there is a Starbucks directly across the street from my work. The card makes it easy to just ask someone to bring me back something – no worries about change or anything, I just hand them the card. It’s nice.

This week I’ve rediscovered how much I like London Fogs (Earl Grey tea, steamed milk, and vanilla syrup,) so I’ve been asking people to bring one of those back for me. Today one of the girls I work with got one herself to try. Unfortunately, they forgot the vanilla syrup, and we didn’t discover it until she came back with them and we were at our desks. So sad. The vanilla really makes the drink.

At lunch we went back to the Starbucks to bitch about it. We were nice of course. They gave us coupons for the next time we go into Starbucks – free drinks! w00t. Hopefully she’ll try a proper London Fog this time… I hate to see someone’s first-time experiencing of something yummy not be done right.

The weather change has given me a nasty pressure headache and my burn is annoying. But it’s okay, it’s Friday and I got some aloe gel, and the day is half over.

I think I’m rather boring now that I’m stable and happy. Must try to be more interesting.

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  • ashkitty

    April 16, 2005 at 8:35 pm

    Hee! That sounded good, so I had to try one. The Starbucks here had no idea what it was, but they made it anyway. Earl grey and vanilla! Yum! Thanks. 🙂