Sin City

We went out with Tara tonight and saw Sin City. The theatre was a dive (okay, I’m spoiled by Galaxy and Silver City and Paramount theatres) and the seats were kind of uncomfortable (although not “New Liskeard’s Empire uncomfortable) but the movie itself was fantastic. I quite enjoyed it. I’ve never read the graphich novels on which they were based, so I can’t comment on that side of it, but the film was brutally violent and twisted and all-around deadly. As Adam said when we were leaving the theatre, I think everyone in that movie got punched at least once. It was very equal-opportunity. Heh.

Also, Clive Owen was HOT. I can’t explain it, and he’s way old for me, but damn. I think it was the character’s confidence or something. I don’t know really. HOT.

In the first ten minutes, a couple sitting beside us up and left. We think the guy was enjoying it, and the girl wasn’t – she upended their popcorn and coke all over the floor, and they left in a hurry. I guess in a ghetto theatre you can do these things, I don’t know. I thought it was uncalled for. I mean sure, dislike the movie or whatever, but you don’t have to make the floor all sticky with popcorn and coke. Really.

Three quarters of the way through it, another couple in the row right in front of us ran out. Not sure why, maybe it was just too intense after a while.

Oh well, I liked it.