Wow. This whole ‘Friday has meaning’ thing is still sinking in.

My brother is still here until later today, then he’s heading up to Whistler. It was good to see him, actually. He’s in good shape right now, and that’s always nice.

I’ve been in a not great mood the past two days. Moody, needy, headachey, crampy, bitchy, and just generally unhappy. I don’t know why though (besides the period stuff, of course.) It’s frustrating, and it makes for a stressful time at home, especially with Adam working so much and being completely exhausted himself. I’m wondering if I should delay going home for a bit tonight, give him some time to himself or something. We don’t have any days off together anymore, which is very unfortunate, and I think it might be hard on our relationship because we don’t get to do fun things together, which is something that means a lot to both of us. Not having that just basically sucks.

Work is still great, though. I like this working somewhere that people tell you when you’re doing a good job, and mistakes aren’t the end of the world. They seem pretty happy with me so far, which is awesome.

Anyhow. I should call the mountain and find out how I have to pick up my last cheque. Not that it’s a lot of money since I barely worked my last couple of weeks, but still. I could use it to buy a printer or something.