Dinner antics

When I got home, Adam told me that the only food we had in the house was Mr. Noodles. I went on a quest to find anything to eat that wasn’t Mr. Noodles. I came up with Sidekicks pasta, and was not impressed. I continued my quest, finding three potatoes. This had some potential. I rooted through the fridge and found a small handful of cheese – not enough even for a sandwich, but that had some potential too. Looked through the freezer, finding tiny amounts of frozen veggies that for some reason we had previously failed to use. Again, not enough to even have as a side for one person, but something. And then I went back into the fridge where I found something amazing… six eggs!

Now let’s go back a few days to the lunchroom at work. Somehow we ended up talking about how easy it apparently is to make quiche. This branched out into a discussion about fritattas, whereupon I said “I don’t know what a fritatta is.” I was told that they are incredibly easy to make, and really good if you put hashbrown-style potatoes as the base. Upon hearing how easy it was to do, I was shocked and amazed, and promptly forgot the entire conversation as soon as I left the lunchroom.

Staring at the potatoes, cheese, veggies and eggs, the conversation came back to me.

Tonight I made a fritatta. It was incredibly good, possibly even moreso simply because it wasn’t Mr. Noodles or Sidekicks. Unfortunately I also burned my arm on the oven while it was baking. Ouch. It hurts.

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