I want my own Zonkey. Those are the cutest stripes EVER!

In other news, I have been busy all day, and am just now winding down. I am also very hungry. It’s for the best that I will be meeting spadoink after work for sushi, I believe. Later I am going to MEC to go shopping with Tara.

Also I would like to buy film. I wonder where is a good place to buy film? Maybe I’ll try some slide film this time around… that could be very cool.

It’s this working for magazines thing that has me thinking about slide film. It seems to be what they use. I know the colour is much better, but I’ve never actually used it before. Should be interesting, maybe I’ll just get one roll for Roche Lake for my fishing trip and use regular film for the rest.

To quote Tokyo Breakfast… No, maybe I won’t do that. It’s for the best I think.

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  • xoobee

    May 2, 2005 at 12:02 am

    I love zonkeys!
    Striped horses too. I’d love to just see one to take pictures.