I slipped stepping into the shower. Caught myself before I fell too hard, but still bruised my shin a bit I think. that’s what it feels like, anyhow. But at least I’m clean now.

Another Saturday I’m home on my own. I have to go over to the grocery store in a bit, I think I’ll bike there. It’s too nice out not to, really. Tomorrow my mom is stopping by, and also we are acquiring the desk that Adam wants (used instead of new at ikea) which will be awesome. Does anyone need an oldschool desk with drawers, painted white? It’s solid wood and well made, but not built for a computer – the sort that I had when I was growing up. It would work if you were using a laptop on it, but with a 19″ monitor you can’t fit a keyboard on the thing anywhere, unless you pull out one of the drawers and balance it on there (which is what Adam’s been doing for a couple of months.)

Anyhow. free desk. Great for kids/people who need a desk and don’t need it for a desktop computer. Come get it.