My boring day became an unboring day, which made me very happy. After trying to call a couple of people and not reaching anyone, I decided to walk to the Marketplace grocery store for some toilet paper. Wandering around the grocery store passed the time well, although I had an overwhelming urge to buy nearly everything I saw. I resisted, ended up only getting toilet paper and catnip, which I thought was pretty impressive. Just as I was about to pay, my phone played a triumphant melody. It does that when people call me.

Turned out it was a girl from work who wanted to be rid of some old furniture asking if I’d like to come to her place and see if there was anything I wanted. I said yes, walked back to the house to drop off my toilet paper, and she came down to pick me up (we both live in North Vancouver, so she was close.) We went to her place where I picked out a few things that I wanted, and arranged for her and her husband to drive the stuff down to our place tomorrow. I say up and down because their house is further up the mountain than ours is, so it really is up and down. Heh.

Just before I was about to leave her place to head back home, Lindsay from the mountain called to tell me that her last shift there had ended and she had a craving for sushi. She came to the house I was at to pick me up and we headed back down to the sushi place where we celebrated with the eating of raw fish. It was yummy. We followed that up with a trip to the Wal-mart to buy kitty litter and then some Starbucks, and then she dropped me off at home where I waited for Adam to arrive for dinner.

I am now baking oatmeal cookies. They smell amazing.

I’m really very happy that my day didn’t consist of sitting around the house trying to entertain myself… I really felt like spending the day with people, and that’s how it turned out, so I’m very happy.