I woke up this morning at arounf 5:00 and couldn’t breathe right. I remember waking up and telling Adam I felt like I was choking. My throat was the worst it’s been all week, I couldn’t stop coughing, and the coughs were so painful my eyes were watering. He got up and went on a search for cold medication for me. He found some tylenol cold nighttime, so I took them and started to feel bettter pretty quickly, which was good. Fell back to sleep and couldn’t wake up until about 11, they made me so incredibly groggy.

Now that I’m up I’m having my morning tea, and Tara is going to come over to the north shore so we can go shopping. I rather badly need some clothes for my new job – I have a lot of athletic wear, but not so much in the way of nice looking office clothes, so that’s what I’m out looking for.

Blue Rodeo is playing on Tuesday. I really want tickets. I could save some of my clothing budget and get tickets….