Turned on the tv, lay down on the couch and napped. I nap really well with the tv on. I’m really not sure why. It was Fashion Television, which I never watch anyhow, but since CITY is my one station, that is what I watch when I turn the tv on. That or fuzz, and I can’t sleep through static.

I’ve been quite bad at keeping up with other people’s lives the past few weeks, what with the two jobs and the sick and so on. Now that I have a mere one job, I think I shall be better equipped to pay attention. Now I just have to get over the sick.

Adam should be home from work in the next hour, so I’m making some real food for dinner. The fake KD wasn’t really a dinner so much as a ‘tide me over’ snack. I’m making my tuna cheese casserole now. Mmmm happy cheesiness…