Hmm. I did well at poker. I think it’s because I used to listen to Kenny Rogers all the time when I was a kid. Anyhow, all that matters is I came out ahead, and this makes me happy.

Also, we ate one of the loaves of bread at poker. It tasted awesome. I am teh win!


Today I have accomplished a few different things.

  • Got some groceries
  • Did laundry
  • Baked bread
  • Cleaned the kitchen

    I feel very responsible. I will now go and play some video games on Adam’s computer to try and weigh things back the other direction. Although it’s turning nice and sunny out… maybe I should go outside and do stuff out there?

    Naw, I’ll just bike to poker later. That can be my outdoorsyness for the day.

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    My bread is beginning to look amazing. I think i’ll even post some pictures later. Mmm bread…


    I posted in my wedding forum for Song suggestions to play at the reception (on the ipod.)

    Drop by and make some suggestions, if you like.

    Baking bread

    After much deliberation about yeast amounts, the bread has been kneaded and is now sitting somewhere warm to rise for 45 minutes. I’ve got the third load of laundry in. I am covered in flour (hmm, maybe someday I should get an apron?) but I’m also glad I went through with the making of the bread. Hopefully it will work out, but if not I will just have to try again.

    Perhaps someday I will own a bread machine and not have to make bread from scratch this way. We shall see, I guess.

    I love fresh baked bread so very much.

    Maybe now I’ll make something that I can bring to poker night tonight.

    Poker scares me.


    Today I shall attempt the baking of bread, I think… Now I just need a recipe.

    Also I have to start the laundry.

    Adam is at work. I walked down to Lonsdale Quay with him to the seabus. It’s almost raining out, and the humidity is incredibly high (my hair was annoying the crap out of me.) After he got on the seabus I wandered through the market, then up to the grocery store to pick up some food for the next few days. I then walked home up the evil hill with the groceries. Silly evil hill.

    Stoned wheat thins with sundried tomato pesto and ricotta cheese are yummy. Breakfast of champions!!


    I’m all gooky with chain grease from the bike ride home tonight. I think it’s time for a shower. Also I want a chain cleaner so I can get the thick ugly oil off my chain and replace it with lighter oil. This stuff is nasty.

    The small hill I have to bike up to get back to the apartment on the way home was a lot easier today than it has been all week. Getting back the conditioning is so quick… maybe soon I’ll tackle the Lion’s Gate. But that’s a much bigger hill…


    I want my own Zonkey. Those are the cutest stripes EVER!

    In other news, I have been busy all day, and am just now winding down. I am also very hungry. It’s for the best that I will be meeting spadoink after work for sushi, I believe. Later I am going to MEC to go shopping with Tara.

    Also I would like to buy film. I wonder where is a good place to buy film? Maybe I’ll try some slide film this time around… that could be very cool.

    It’s this working for magazines thing that has me thinking about slide film. It seems to be what they use. I know the colour is much better, but I’ve never actually used it before. Should be interesting, maybe I’ll just get one roll for Roche Lake for my fishing trip and use regular film for the rest.

    To quote Tokyo Breakfast… No, maybe I won’t do that. It’s for the best I think.