Things I learned from working on the Mountain

  • I know what it would be like to live on Bespin
  • The view from mountain top is unlike anything else I’ve experienced. Flying is close, but on a mountain you can be outside… not so on a plane.
  • I now love Sierra Designs clothing
  • I appreciate the value of not having a 3 hour commute, from experience rather than in theory.
  • Anyone can end up in retail, however over or under qualified they may be. And that’s okay.
  • There is no gossip to rival mountain gossip. Nope, not even the theatre.

    That’s all I can come up with for now.

    In other news, Dayle is being incredibly attentive today. Perhaps because I’ve barely been home for a week. I’ve been trying to come up with what I’m going to do when we go back to Ontario for the wedding. We’ll probably have to have someone come over and take care of the cats every day, or maybe just convince someone to crash here for a couple of weeks to take care of them. I hate to leave them totally alone for that long.

    Rory just came back from Timmies with a toasted bagel for me. Hooray!!