I haven’t been sick once since I moved to Vancouver. Crazy. I’m not saying this to make you feel worse, watership… you just made me realize it. I feel for you.

I picked up a few rolls of film in anticipation of the photo trip artyste and I are going to make this coming Sunday. w00t!

I keep promising myself I’m going to write a real honest-to-goodness entry with content, but then I never do. I guess I don’t know where to start, or what I’m talking about really. I’m glad I’ll have a purpose for my writing soon. It will be good to be writing again, properly, rather than this disjointed rambling that has become my journal.

I saw the best thing today. I stood in the Outfitters store on the mountain where I work looking out the window, and there stood two skiers with bright orange reflective vests on. The vests both had writing on them. The first one said “Blind Skier, stay clear.” The second one said “Blind Skier Guide.” I thought that was the best thing I had seen all week. I can just imagine them going down the hill…