Gah. Pain!

It’s my mom’s birthday today. I had her over for dinner, I made homemade baked manicotti, which turned out awesome. Also had a chocolate cake that Rory made while I was at work, since I wouldn’t have had time to do it. So now there’s a lot of chocolate cake leftovers that I will never eat, because I don’t much like chocolate cake.

My back is KILLING me. Yesterday we got a couch and love seat, which is the greatest thing EVER, but in getting it into the apartment I twisted a muscle in my lower back (balancing on one foot, pushing a door further open with the other, while holding a couch four feet off the ground or so.) I’ve been on painkillers all day, and my back hurts so much sitting on the floor at my computer right now I nearly want to cry. I should really go sit on my couch, but I’m checking my email and doing lj and stuff. I don’t think I’ll last too long though. Bleh.

I have exciting possible news, but I’m not posting it here. Ask me in email or msn or aim if you’re curious.