I lost my bank card somewhere yesterday, so I’m going to have to go back to a PC Pavilion and get a new one. I phoned them to let them know that my card is lost, so they de-activated it. All is well. Now all I need is some time to get to a PC Pavilion… maybe Saturday.

I’m drinking banana cream hot chocolate topped with mini-marshmallows. Life is good.

It’s rainy outside today. It’s supposed to be rainy for the next week. Since I’ll be spending much of the next week working, I guess it doesn’t really matter that much to me. But after that, I will be a one-job kind of girl, I tell you! Now all we need is for Adam to get a mon-fri job and we can do things on the weekend like go to Victoria and other such nonsense. Yay travel!

Maybe next month (May?) I can think about getting some form of DVD player. Or perhaps a PS2 with integrated DVD player… Hmmmm.

I should be saving up for a Camera, but the lure of being able to rent movies again is pretty strong.