Day 15: It occurs to me today that I’ve been working for fifteen days straight. At least, it occurred to me tonight as we wandered around the grocery store picking things up and my ability to think completely vanished. I swear I could have curled up on the floor right there and slept. I should definitely have an early night tonight.

Friday may kill me. I do the office job then head straight for the mountain until 10:15. Fortunately I have Saturday off, but still. All I’m doing Saturday is probably sleeping. Rory leaves Thursday, and the word on Craig is that he may decide to postpone his trip out west for a few weeks. Hopefully he won’t decide to come out when Jordy, Leslie and Jamey come out here.. we don’t have room for that many people. But that’s not until May so I’m not going to worry much about it.

When I was a kid I always used to draw a house at the foot of mountains, with a large body of water nearby. I would tell people that I wanted to live there, and that I was going to live there someday.

I kind of do now.

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  • drtrauma

    March 31, 2005 at 3:51 am

    I know EXACTLY how you feel. I work two part-time jobs (one of those is suspiciously close to full time) plus, I volunteer for my local ambulance corps. There are some months where I have fewer than 4 real days off. It can become tiresome.