I lost my bank card somewhere yesterday, so I’m going to have to go back to a PC Pavilion and get a new one. I phoned them to let them know that my card is lost, so they de-activated it. All is well. Now all I need is some time to get to a PC Pavilion… maybe Saturday.

I’m drinking banana cream hot chocolate topped with mini-marshmallows. Life is good.

It’s rainy outside today. It’s supposed to be rainy for the next week. Since I’ll be spending much of the next week working, I guess it doesn’t really matter that much to me. But after that, I will be a one-job kind of girl, I tell you! Now all we need is for Adam to get a mon-fri job and we can do things on the weekend like go to Victoria and other such nonsense. Yay travel!

Maybe next month (May?) I can think about getting some form of DVD player. Or perhaps a PS2 with integrated DVD player… Hmmmm.

I should be saving up for a Camera, but the lure of being able to rent movies again is pretty strong.


I want a Deacon’s Bench. One of those things you put near the front door so you can sit down to put your shoes or boots on, and the top opens up so you can store things like blankets and mittens and stuff in it. Yeah.

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Home from work, and kind of hungry. There’s no one here, I think Rory was planning on meeting Adam after work because he still has a few things to pick up before he goes off to Smithers. Yes, there is a town in BC called Smithers.

Excellent, Smithers.

I haven’t heard from them, though, so I’m not quite sure what to do about dinner. I’ll wait at least until Adam’s done work, and hopefully he’ll call me then.


Day 15: It occurs to me today that I’ve been working for fifteen days straight. At least, it occurred to me tonight as we wandered around the grocery store picking things up and my ability to think completely vanished. I swear I could have curled up on the floor right there and slept. I should definitely have an early night tonight.

Friday may kill me. I do the office job then head straight for the mountain until 10:15. Fortunately I have Saturday off, but still. All I’m doing Saturday is probably sleeping. Rory leaves Thursday, and the word on Craig is that he may decide to postpone his trip out west for a few weeks. Hopefully he won’t decide to come out when Jordy, Leslie and Jamey come out here.. we don’t have room for that many people. But that’s not until May so I’m not going to worry much about it.

When I was a kid I always used to draw a house at the foot of mountains, with a large body of water nearby. I would tell people that I wanted to live there, and that I was going to live there someday.

I kind of do now.


Today on the way home from work I was struck with two overwhelming realizations. The first was while I sat on the Seabus thinking about work. I realized at that moment that I actually enjoy my job, my workplace is a good place to be, I’m comfortable there and I’m confident in what I do. I nearly cried right there on the seabus. Yeah. I’m a sap.

The second one I was sitting on the bus up from Lonsdale Quay. I realized then that it was still light out and the time was 5:45… nearly six pm and the sun was still shining. In one week, the clocks will go ahead an hour, and it will be light even later. I felt incredibly excited because I realized all at once that warm weather and long days are practically here. So awesome.


Perpetual Motion Roadshow tonight. And people crashing at my house afterwards.

Welcome to hotel chez JennyLee!


I went for a walk down to waterfront park and took a few pictures. Stopped in at the Marketplace IGA for a few minor groceries and to buy a roll of loonies for laundry, then wandered back home. Have since cooked some pasta for dinner, and will be heading to work very shortly. For some reason I’m kind of groggy today. Ah well. Another six days and I’ll have a full day off. That will be nice.

I kind of want to bring the digital camera with me to work, but I think Rory has it. Blasted!


I finally get some time alone with Adam for the first time in a long while (not including when we’re in bed) and he’s exhausted and his knee is hurt from hiking up a mountain the other day. I have to go to work in two hours. I would have liked to go out for a walk with him or something, but with his knee being hurt he should really stay off it. And he’s napping now anyhow, due to not getting enough sleep for the past week. Rory has been here for about two weeks now. I think he’s heading up to Smithers on the 31st or so. Then my brother Craig is arriving on the 1st of April. I don’t think he’s staying long though, he’s going to Whistler shortly thereafter.

Soon enough my house will be mine again.

Also, I gave notice at the Mountain yesterday. Working two jobs is not for me. One full time is quite enough. And one full time that I’m happy with is even better.


Lush Rock Star soap is teh win. It smells awesome and it makes my skin feel like silk.

I have to head to work in a couple of hours. I should make something for lunch and dinner to take with me, so I don’t have to spend anything. Or not. I don’t know.