Wedding stuff: DEMONS!

I’m trying to work out for myself what traditions exist for weddings, and what ones are important to me.

I always assumed that the white wedding dress thing was about purity and being virginal and stuff, but I have now learned otherwise:

Why Does the Bride Wear White?
The color white has been a symbol of joyous celebration since early Roman times. At the beginning to the twentieth century, white stood for purity as well. Today, it holds it original meaning of happiness and joy.

I can accept that. I’m certainly not pure.

Why Something Blue?
Brides of ancient Israel wore blue ribbons on the border of their wedding cloths to denote, love, modesty and fidelity. These are ideals still associated today with that color. Blue also denotes the purity of the Virgin Mary and is the most popular of all colors.

I like blue. Again, though, no purity here.

Why Carry the Bride Across the Threshold?
During the days of “Marriage by Capture,” the bride was certainly not going to go peacefully into the bridegroom’s abode, thus, she was dragged or carried across the threshold. In even earlier times, it was believed that family demons followed the woman and to keep her family demons from going into the groom’s home, she was carried across the threshold upon her entering for the first time. After that, the demons could not enter as she would come in and go out of the home.

DEMONS!!!!! Awesome!!