It was a day like none before…. or something.

Dayle just helpfully rebooted my computer by sleeping on the powerbar. Damnable creature. And I had just finished upgrading all my single player NWN HOTU character’s weapons into massive creatures of doom. Now I’ll have to start all over again. Oh well… I think I messed a couple of the upgrades up anyhow, I don’t really mind restarting.

Today was the first busy day I had at work in over three weeks. It was a nice change. I sort of went into auto-pilot after a while, though, just ringing things through over and over again. Still it was far better than doing nothing at all, I tell you.

Work tomorrow at 8:45. At least it’s my friday, and I’m in outfitters, and there is snow, which means it will be busy, and busy days go by quickly. Yesterday I made a good sale and got an incentive camera sling pack. It’s pretty cool, other than being flourescent green. Almost hurts my head just looking at it. But it’s perfect for my camera gear, it’s water resistant, and it was free, so I won’t complain.

I have this strange feeling about something to do with the wedding. Hopefully my instincts are wrong, but if they’re not, I shall deal with things and not get upset. That’s how life goes. Disappointment can be handled.