I dreamed last night about zombies. Specifically I dreamed that I was killing them with this strange gun that shot four inch long jagged spikes when I pulled the trigger. It looked a lot like a price sticker gun. There was basically an endless amount of zombies, and apparently I was the only person who could kill them, or would try to kill them. Bunch of wusses. I think my dream spanned many days worth of zombie killing.

I woke up and felt like I had to kill more zombies, but the only thing I saw was Dayle. I decided he wasn’t a zombie.


Is it bad that my landlord hasn’t take rent out of our account for Feb. 1st rent and it is the 28th of February tomorrow? So much money in the account that we can’t touch… So painful…


My head will not stop hurting. I am going to go take some aleve. I hope it helps.

I turned on my one tv channel to see what was on it… Oscars pre-show.

I think I’ll sweep the living room when I’m done taking my aleve.

More Wedding crud

And so our plans change (a little) again.

Due to the Lodge being… shall we say… pricey, we have moved the wedding a short distance into New Liskeard. To the folks who haven’t been up north, don’t worry, New Liskeard is right next to Temagami.

I now need to get in touch with everyone who may be coming and figure out how many rooms to book at the various hotels. And of course there’s still the option to camp out somewhere. Apparently if we book a block of rooms instead of individually, we can get a better deal on them. Now to go through the list and email everyone… Blasted, my head hurts already. I think before I do that, I must have breakfast.


Could someone please send me 40$ so I can ship my scanner out from Ontario? I have photos I want to be scanning, and a website I want to be finishing. Damnit.

The Weirmier sent me the negatives from the photo shoot I did with him last year at the theatre. See, I do take pictures of people sometimes. If they ask me to. Anyhow, I’d really like to scan some of them, I haven’t even seen them since last summer. The Weir kept the prints, of course. It seems he also sent me two sets of his own negatives. That boy can be overzealous sometimes.

Well, I’m tired. It is time for bed.

Apparently not that bored

I tried to do a meme thing from ozreison‘s journal, but I got to the last few steps and decided that it annoyed me, so I quit. Plus on my first cycle I got stuck in a bratstreet / artyste loop of doom.

I should go to bed soon. Am kind of tired. I didn’t have time to eat before work today besides a little apple square I got from Blenz, so by the time I was done work at 8:15 my brain was mush. I hope I closed right. At least I know I didn’t bring the keys home this time.

Woohoo, there’s an artyste coming to visit next weekend!! Finally someone willing to come into my underfurnished and underloved apartment. But at least he gets a place to sleep. More than it was when we first moved in. 🙂


The past two days have been filled with musical nostalgia for me. First Diamond Mine and the year 1998. Today was Barstool Prophets which brought me to college. Later this evening was Little Earthquakes, and that took me right back to standing on stage singing Silent all these Years in front of 450 people in my high school – singing something that was finally not disney, and doing it in front of all those people who didn’t much like me. It was the first time I felt strong in my entire memory. It was good.

Thinking about that made me realize just how much I miss performing. It’s been forever. No one asks me to sing for them anymore.


I listened to Diamond Mine last night. The album totally brought me back to when I lived in my bachelor apartment in the beaches by myself with the kitties, and I spent most of my time on the newsgroup. Damnit I miss people from there. Well, three people anyhow.

I wonder if that newsgroup is even up anymore? It’s not that I want to go back… I just want to find people. And I think K reads this sometimes. So if you do, then email me or something? jennylee at warped dot com.


I just watched a trailer for Mirror Mask, written by Neil Gaiman, and it looks absolutely fantastic. I must see this film.

Movies to see

When I get a DVD player I shall rent the following movies:

Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason
The Incredibles
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Before Sunrise and Before Sunset
Coffee And Cigarettes
Shaun of the Dead
Finding Neverland
Ghost in the Shell 2
I (heart) Huckabees
Jersey Girl
Napoleon Dynamite (so I know wtf everyone is going on about)
The Notebook
Ocean’s 12
Phantom of the Opera
Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Super Size Me
Without a Paddle

I’m sure there are more I want to see. If you think there are some I should put on this list, comment here.