The circle of time is a race that can’t be won….

Work was short and uneventful. Tomorrow I may or may not get called in, since I am a breaks person and they haven’t been bringing in breaks people this week because it hasn’t been busy enough to need one. We shall see.

On Lonsdale Quay today while Adam and I were waiting for his seabus, a 76 year old man came up to us and starting talking about philosophy, work ethic, the nature of happiness, and tugboats. It was interesting. I think he may just lurk on the Quay waiting for people to come up and talk to. He was nice, though, and he certainly had a lot to say.

It’s supposed to rain for the next few days. Today was quite nice, though. Mild and the rain, when it happened, was light and comfortable. I do enjoy rain – just not torrential downpours. Unless I’m inside, then I like torrential downpours.

There are a lot of things on my mind.