Finally some sense!

They closed the mountain early due to extreme weather conditions (i.e. winds at 70kph or something, thus making it very difficult to run the trams.) I am now home. It’s good to be home early. I made no sales again all day.

Also, I have an interview tomorrow for the Admin job at the mountain I applied for last week. Awesome. I really sincerely hope it goes well. It would be good to get my head above water. I mean figuratively, although at the rate this place is flooding I could mean literally at some point.

I believe one of the missing people from the mudslide in North Van this morning may have been found dead. They haven’t confirmed it yet, but they’re not denying it either.

I don’t have much other news to tell. It’s rainy. I took photos of the rain when I was on the mountain today. I may post some of them later, once my computer isn’t defragging anymore. I’m using Adam’s computer to update, so that mine can defrag in peace. We’ve managed to find an extra 1.5 gb of space on the hard drive, which means I should be able to install Hordes of the Underdark finally. I played through the bridge Module someone made, it was actually pretty good. Now I am ready for the Hordes, and so is my Druid and her bird.