Life is grand. We have virtually no furniture (as in we have a bed Adam’s parents gave us for Xmas, and a table and four chairs my mom gave us for a pre-wedding gift, and that is ALL) in our two bedroom apartment here in North Vancouver. It’s fantastic! Except for the part when my feet fall asleep from sitting on the floor to use my computer. Our living room has two of the dining set chairs in it, and a corner table I made out of a couple of cardboard boxes we moved with. I covered them with a tablecloth, you’d never know it was boxes. The centrepiece of the living room is our two bikes with CAPTAIN AMERICA sitting on one of the seats, and a plastic garbage bag covering them so people walking by outside can’t see them.

I have my old job at the mountain back, spent the past six days straight working. Today I had off, it was good.

The north shore (and all of the lower mainland area, I guess) is covered in snow. I love it. Definitely like it better than the rain, especially since it’s usually around zero degrees or so, which is pretty comfortable.